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The Site provides information on services offered and provided by other legal firms. Specific, detailed, explanatory answers on the Visitor’s asked, interests (for example claims of late payments, claims of not done payments, Code of Conduct and policy on responsible lending, disclosure of fees, including annual interest rates, recovery policy, contact information, etc.), that have occurred while visiting the Site is available on the specific service provider website.

The information contained in the Site and the functions to be performed do not warrant nor assume no responsibility of the Visitor’s potential errors, nor is it responsible of the Site’s information being appropriate for each Visitor.

Information that is displayed is considered to have an informational purpose and the owner isn’t responsible for the Site’s Visitor decisions or actions taken, that are done after the Site’s visit and referring to the amount of information or suggestions posted by the Site.

The information that’s on the Site isn’t separately verified, it is published based on reliable sources of information.

The expenses specified on the Site have informational purpose, unless the site contains any other information. We suggest to check the expenses before making a specific transaction on a specific service provider’s site.

The owner is entitled to place links to other physical and/or legal person owned or supervised websites, based on that the Site can contain these types of hyperlinks, that includes access to the third-party websites as well as the possibility to inform or offer about third party offered products, services, etc. About third party offered website content, that includes, this parties offered products and service offers isn’t the responsibility of the Owner and doesn’t carry out any checks. The Site isn’t responsible of another website’s security safety. You have to acknowledge that the security on these sites can be different than on the Site.

The Site’s owner doesn’t assume any responsibility of the losses (direct, indirect or incidental) that have been caused by using the Site, and assumes no responsibility of the Site’s information being available on the web.

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It is forbidden to perform any kind of actions that can be targeted against the Site’s system functionality, security and speed.

The owner has the rights to introduce any other terms of use for the Site at any given time that come into force when the new rules are published on the Site. Using any of the Site’s published information after the changes means that the user agrees to all of the rules of the Site.

Rules on the Site do not affect other physical/legal person websites.

Check the Site’s terms regularly as they can be changed without notice. I you have any questions, please send us an e-mail.

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